Monday, 14 June 2010

Fantastical bird

I've been having fun today making a fantastical creature to frighten off the real birds who seem intent on feasting on the peas on my newly acquired allotment before I even get a look in! Let's home this hybrid textile beastie works! As a belt and braces tactic I have also magicked up some netting in a yurt formation!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Fabulous vintage find

In a recent vintage forage I came across this frilled heart shaped dressing table stool and just HAD to buy it! It is so over the top I really love it.


Now normally I don't like gnomes but I saw this pickie and couldn't resist posting it! Having an allotment has obviously turned my head! If anyone knows who the artist is, please let me know.

Pressies for my Allotment

Lucky me! I have received two lovely pressies from my friends Zuzana and Suzanne! The little blackboard signs are fab as I can rub out the names when I plant different things (Zuzana knows that I change my mind a lot!) and the book is amazing and has completely altered my ideas about my planting methods. Thanks Suzanne and to the inspirational Alys Fowler, I will be going for anarchic planting! Straight lines might be easier but they are not half as much fun! Thank you girls! xxx

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Midnight Stitching - Lamp

I've been burning the midnight oil to get an embroidery piece ready for exhibition. The theme was faded splendour based on a hotel stay in a very dilapidated but formerly glorious hotel in Sliema. The result is rather bonkers , a bit wonky and distressed and very much in the spirit of the time warp hotel, its former glory and current state of decay.

Bunny 6 Brassica 0

The Villain of the Piece

The Victims

Hmmmmm this is a bit of an uneven fight: Yesterday my lovely allotment neighbour Maria gave me 6 brassica seedlings: broccoli and cauliflower to plant in my newly acquired and not yet planted allotment. Lots of work has been done in the clearing and digging department but no plants, so was DELIGHTED to recieve first seedlings. It seems that the local bunnies were even more entranced with them: not ONE leaf remained this morning. I was not pleased - much to the amusement of my other allotment neighbour, James!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Plot 61A

I've been making a sign for the allotment plot - I seem to have come over all floral again! I am doing my best to be green and to recycle materials SOOOOOO I used a piece of hardboard found in a skip - the smooth side was worse than the rough side, so I have used the rough side for my artwork, which actually has quite a textile-like surface. I coated it with gesso and several coats of white acrylic paint back and front and then used my favourite spray paints and rose stencil to floralise it. Then I cut the number stencil and used black craft paint (which I hope is waterproof!) for the plot number. For the stake I found a piece of wood in the same skip, so
apart from the paints it is a recycled plot sign. And, of course, it teams nicely with my bunting!