Thursday, 4 August 2011

Post Card

I have been asked to submit a post card for a forthcoming exhibtion in Bristol.  I decided to do use mixed media techniques with stitch to produce a balaclava themed fashion drawing based on a fashion illustration I did for my final major project at Northbrook College.  Here it is!

I love alliums!

I couldn't resist photographing the amazing seedheads from my spectacular alliums. I am going to save the seeds and distribute among my fellow allotmenteers not to mention the Guerilla Gardeners. These beautiful natural forms will no doubt creep into my design work.
Which reminds me, I really MUST finish off my fashionista scarecrow. The experience I gained pattern cutting my fashionista balaclavas will put me in good stead for making a fabric head for her.

The Girls - The Class of 2011 with Tom Embleton

Well New Designers is over and the girls are all going their separate ways. There are lots of exciting projects going on, not to mention holidays and wonderful job opportunities. Check out Artsthread to learn more. We have all agreed to meet up from time to time to catch up on all the news and gossip.