Sunday, 24 October 2010

Drawing lace

Apologies to my followers for the enforced silence of the last few weeks. I have been having major techno problems with my internet connection. I am happy to say that all is resolved so I will be posting regularly again.
I can't believe it is reading week already at Northbrook - I had forgotten how fast the time goes when it is sliced up into projects, deadlines and semesters. The last five weeks have flown past in a flurry of activity and ideas - it is great to be back in the studio and part of a creative group.
So, on with the show! I am doing a fashion fabric project based on florals, sustainability and embellishment. I have chosen to use found fabrics, threads and trims so my designs will be upcycled from vintage odds and ends. I have been looking at lace and translating the patterns into drawings. Here is one I made earlier. The exciting bit comes next when I translate the drawing into a fabric sample.


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  2. Hi Lynn, stumbled upon your blog and saw your beautiful lace design. I'm a floral designer based in Singapore, wondering if it's okay to use this drawing on my website? Thanks!