Saturday, 5 April 2014

Inspiration Matters

I haven't found time to update this blog for ages as I have been directing my creativity in other areas but, perhaps it is the approach of spring, or maybe my recent visit to a design studio, or more likely sorting through my stash, but I feel pretty stitchy at the moment.

Stitching will be a good contrast to thye digging an planting I have been doing on my allotment.  

I have spent a lot of time editing an allotment blog for the Eastbourne Allotments and Gardens Society and researching this has meant that I have learnt a lot about growing and cooking produce. 
The visit to the design studio has inspired me to get out my colour book and start toying with some colour ideas and revisiting some of my designs in progress.

I've been playing with organza flower shapes with a view to layering and stitching into them - not sure where that will lead.  I also desperately need to update my wardrobe, so I will be playing with some designs over the next couple of weeks.

I have even dusted off my knitting machine.  I thought it would be good to refresh my skills and perhaps knit some trims / edges that I could add to tops.

Oh, and I almost forgot - as I have recently taken up Salsa dancing classes, I need to think about suitable shapes for tops to wear that will move with the beat.  I am thinking asymmetric low waisted dress or perhaps a peplum over jeggings.

Browsing on my friend Mr Amazon (as you do) I found loads of books to add to my wish list and one that I have ordered.  I'll do a review when it arrives.

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