Saturday, 3 April 2010

Easter Bonnet revisited

I had the bright idea of transferring my design onto fabric. I bought some printable cotton but the inks really sink into the fabric and it has come out far darker than I imagined. Reminder to self in future - lighten images in Photoshop BEFORE printing on wildly expensive A4 printable cotton!!!! This is going to take some fairly serious hand stitching to lighten and brighten it up. I might also overlay with some transparent layers. If I bleach it I risk trashing the image and or eating away at the fabric. Let's hope it turns out to be one of those happy accidents. Of which there have been many, not to mention a fair number of creative tragedies.

Overall I rather like this, there is a certain serenity about the image. What I love about embroidery is the way the back of the work takes on its own character, especially when you are working with faces. There is an element of randomness that creeps in. Would you believe that these two were sisters, let alone alter images?
Oh! And my apologies to all the embroidery purists who hate to see knots at the back of work!

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