Saturday, 17 April 2010

Synchronicity: Primroses and Circuit Boards

Synchronicity - the experience of two or more events that are causually unrelated occuring in a meaningful manner. So how are primroses and circuit boards linked in the Kimba universe? Its spring and the sun is shining outside my window highlighting the beautiful primroses peeping through the undergrowth - I should be warm but its freezing in here despite the sunshine - the central heating boiler has expired and this little devil of a circuit board is going to cost a whopping £300 to replace! So whilst the yellow primroses warm and lift my spirits the green circuit board is responsible for my chill tootsies. Therefore both are linked in the same moment to my senses. How can I exploit the synchronicity? I have used circuit boards before in my design work and I often use flowers, now I am going to find a way to integrate them in the same design. The creative exercise should warm me up till the plumber sorts it out1

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